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World War II R A F Pilot’s Account
Eric Clegg’s R.A.F. Service

Eric Clegg aged 18 Joined the R.A.F.V.R. (Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) on 7th July 1941, travelling to A.C.R.C. (Air Crew Reception Centre) Hendon, London from his home in Eighton Banks, Gateshead, for a two week induction course before being sent to Cambridge for a two month course with I.T.W. (Initial Training Wing) at Clare College, Cambridge.

Following this short induction period, primary training followed in Alabama, United States of America at various. Airfields.

Atlantic Crossing
America had not been drawn into the war at this stage so flying instruction was unhindered by attack from the enemy aircraft, however getting to America involved an Atlantic crossing with all the perils that that entailed. The Atlantic Convoys were constantly being hounded by German U Boats. The trip would have been quite dangerous. Outward journey to America was on board cruise ship R.S.M. Highland Princess. Commandeered by Ministry of Defence as troop ship. Docking in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
R.S.M. Highland Princess
Eric Clegg
Leading Air Craftsmen
St John’s College Cambridge
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