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World War II R A F Pilot’s Account
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M.S. Batory
Between the months of May 1942 and July 1942 it was back to the UK, enduring another Atlantic crossing  this time aboard Troop ship Batory (a converted meat boat) providing the transport for the return crossing of the Atlantic. Accommodation comprised of hammocks slung on the meat hooks in the holds of the ship. Some of the trainees were allocated the task of lookout on the bow of the ship for the entire voyage, not the most pleasant of duties!
Return to England
R.A.F Squadron 42 D & E. Tuscaloosa
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United States Army Graduation Diploma
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Primary Training commenced 12th November 1941 with the U.S. Army Air Corps. in Tuscaloosa Alabama, continuing through to 6th January 1942. In total 60 flying hours were completed on the Boeing Stearman PT 17
America declared war on Japan 7th December 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbour. My father references this point in his log book. Security became more strict after this event and when off base uniforms were worn as opposed to civvies prior to the attack
Tuscaloosa Alabama
Boeing Stearman PT 17
January 1942 saw a move to Gunter Field. Montgomery, Alabama and a different aircraft type.
The Vultee Valiant BT 13 was a single engine, fixed wheeled monoplane that provided the platform to progress training. Instrument, night flying, formation, cross country and air work were all completed.
Gunter Field, Montgomery, Alabama.
Vultee Valiant BT 13
March 1942 and another move, this time to Craig Field, Selma, Alabama and introduction to the North American AT-6A (Harvard), single engined fixed wing advance trainer.
On March 23rd my Father made his first solo flight. Navigation, formation flying, cross country, instruments, gunnery, power landings, night transition and night navigation followed.  
207.30 flying hours to date. Completed advanced training in 77 hr. 20 min. Graduated May 16th 1942. Returned home with rank of Sargent.
Selma Alabama.
Boeing Stearman PT 17
North American AT-6A (Harvard)